Engineers are key drivers of our future, building our cities, regions and our economy.

Engineers design, build and maintain the infrastructure we use and rely on in the community every day, including roads, railways, ports, water, electricity and gas – without qualified and competent engineers, our state would grind to a halt and crumble.

However, in NSW the engineering profession isn’t valued as it should be. Unlike other state governments, the NSW Government has refused to introduce a broad-based registration scheme for engineers, and it has for many years now, seriously underinvested in its own internal engineering capacity. This has meant that across the industry, too many non-engineers are working in jobs that should be performed by qualified professional engineers and that the government is no longer an informed purchaser of engineering services.

According to Infrastructure NSW, more than $112 billion worth of infrastructure projects is already in the pipeline for construction over the next 3-5 years. We know that, if these projects are not scoped, designed, and delivered under the watchful eye of a professional engineer, then they will get delivered less efficiently and safely. The State Government needs to act now to strengthen the profession to ensure community safety and avoid unnecessary waste and delay.

A skilled workforce of technical professionals does not happen by accident and recent experience tells us that the Government is unlikely to make the investments and develop the necessary reforms on its own.

To effect change, engineers need to have a stronger voice.

By acting together, we must lift the standing of the profession and make sure that engineers are far more central to the decisions of the NSW Government and business.

Together, we need to Engineer a Better NSW.
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