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Joining a union isn’t just about having someone in your corner when you need help. LGEA also provides members opportunities for professional development, as well as a wide range of services and benefits.
LGEA Full Fee: the membership category for degree qualified engineers. Includes RPEng assessment (if applicable);

LGEA Provisional Member: If you work in engineering and have a non-degree level engineering qualification or intend to obtain such a qualification this is the category for you;

LGEA Professional Associate: if you have a degree-level qualification in a non-engineering related discipline and work in Local Government, then this is your membership category.

LGEA Young Professional:  A young professional is defined as any professional employee working in local government who is aged under 35 as of 1 June in any particular year.
Remember to include your year of birth when applying for membership. If you are a qualified engineer, the full rate will be applicable once you reach the age of 35.
Membership Fees – 1 June 2023 to 31 May 2024

 LGEA - Local Government Engineers Association (NSW Only)  Yearly  Quarterly  Monthly
 LGEA Full Fee  $848.00  $212.00  $70.66
 LGEA Provisional Member  $604.00  $151.00  $50.33
 LGEA Professional Associate  $604.00  $151.00  $50.33
LGEA Young Professionals under 35's  $604.00  $151.00  $50.33
 Earning less than $56,500 p.a.  $531.00   $132.75  $44.25
 Earning less than $38,000 p.a.   $353.00  $88.25  $29.42
 Retired Associate  $280.00   $70.00  $23.33
 Student - Full Time Undergraduate**      $13.20
 Student - Full Time Postgraduate**      $13.20
 Graduate#  $339.00  $84.75  $28.25

* Total package, before tax
** Only applies to students enrolled in full-time studies with an Australian institution and not working in a professional capacity.
> Still studying Bachelor of Engineering while working.
>>Qualified in any field other than engineering. (e.g B.A, science)
# Applies to new members joining within two years of completing their degree.

Membership Terms and Conditions

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