Yasmin Catley MP on engineer registration

On Friday, LGEA Director Gordon Brock and Ausgrid Senior Professionals Australia delegate Warren Butson met with NSW Deputy Opposition Leader Yasmin Cately MP to discuss NSW Labor's support of the introduction of a broad-based engineer registration scheme across the state.

Yasmin recently put the NSW Parliament on notice that she will shortly be introducing a Bill in the NSW Parliament calling for a statutory engineer registration scheme to be introduced which is consistent with the Queensland and Victorian schemes.

If passed, her proposed scheme would ensure:

    • Plans for assets, buildings and infrastructure will be prepared by registered engineers
    • Plans will be approved by registered engineers
    • Construction will be checked off against the plans prepared by registered engineers

We welcome Yasmin's strong commitment to engineers and engineering and as an association we are delighted that NSW Labor share our views that the registration scheme should cover all disciplines of engineering, and all industries where engineering services are required.