Meet Varsha

We’re pleased to introduce Varsha Chowdhury, National Manager Career & Professional Development Services.

Varsha’s role will see her mange all of Professionals Australia’s career services across the country. Some of the many services Varsha will be looking after are resume and LinkedIn reviews, skills assessments, interview training and career planning.

Some members may recognise Varsha from her previous role in Professionals Australia’s careers team, where she has been working since joining in January last year. In her previous role in the association, Varsha worked predominantly with students and recent graduates to help them with their job search.

When asked what her favourite part of her job is, Varsha explained, “Being able to help people fulfil their dreams is the best part of any coaching job”. She also noted that as a people’s person, she loves meeting, talking to and of course helping new people. If you would like to access any of the services available to PA members, contact Varsha on:

P: 040 272 4395