LGEA stares down increased hours claim

We are now less than three months away from the due date for the pay increase under the 2023 State Award and negotiations are progressing between the LGEA, LGNSW and the other industry unions.

Recent discussions have focused on LGNSW’s claim for a harmonisation of working hours across the industry, with no change in salary for employees who faced an increase or decrease in hours. LGNSW made the argument that the cost savings achieved in this approach would be put towards a higher general increase for the industry. The LGEA fought hard against this, indicating that it was not fair to place the burden of achieving a decent general increase on indoor and professional employees particularly at a time where the industry has never struggled more to attract and retain this cohort of employees.

The LGEA will not stand by and allow employers to effectively reduce our members’ hourly rate of pay in order to justify a bigger increase for the industry as a whole.

As a result of our advocacy, at this stage the issue of harmonisation of working hours is now off the table.

We know that pay is the number one priority for the majority of LGEA members and this continues to be the most contentious issue of this award negotiation. LGNSW continues to maintain that the industry cannot afford the sorts of wage increases we believe are necessary for the industry. Whilst the parties have recently made some progress on this issue there is still a significant gap between the numbers that we believe are required in the context of the increasing costs of living.

Stay tuned for details of member webinars in the coming weeks where we will provide a more detailed update on Award negotiations.

Remember - we are stronger together, and it is through a strong, united and collective workplace that we can win stronger conditions and better pay for you and your families. If you are not yet a member of the LGEA.

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