LGEA members can obtain a Will or a Will, Power of Attorney and Power of Enduring Guardianship package at competitive rates which are further subsidised by the Association depending upon their period of membership with the LGEA.

The benefit is being provided in conjunction with the LGEA’s preferred law firm, Carroll & O’Dea who have an extensive programme of regional visits throughout NSW as well as a good number of regional offices.

Under LGEA Wills Services members can access three classes of services:

  • Simple Wills
  • Complex Wills 
  • Complex Will, Power of Attorney & Power of Guardianship Package
In broad terms, a Simple Will is one which does not require any exploration with respect to member identity or capacity to make a Will and the nature of the estate is reasonably straight forward. There would be no professional fees charged to you when making a Simple Will, however it is at the sole discretion of Carroll & O’Dea as to whether a Will falls within the Simple Will category.

Complex Wills
involve more complicated arrangements concerning estates and would include at least two personal attendances between you and a solicitor from Carroll & O’Dea. The range of professional costs for a Complex Will would be in the order of $600 - $900 + GST. Please note that these costs are heavily discounted from Carroll & O’Dea’s normal commercial rates. You would be advised if Carroll & O’Dea determines that a requested Will falls outside of the Simple Will category and you would be required to enter into a cost agreement with Carroll & O’Dea prior to any work commencing.

A package service is also available to you which would include the preparation of a Complex Will together with Enduring Power of Attorney and Guardianship documentation. This arrangement has been particularly negotiated to reflect the anticipated needs of LGEA members. The professional costs for the package would be in the order of $1,500 + GST.  
LGEA Membership Subsidy
Any professional costs paid by members utilising the LGEA Wills Service will be subsidised by the Association based upon their membership category and length of service with the LGEA.

For additional information or to utilise this service please contact the LGEA at [email protected]
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