Professionals Australia has started the Engineering a Better NSW campaign to make sure that these critical issues are placed on the agenda in the lead up to the state election on 25 March 2023.

We believe that NSW needs a professional engineering workforce playing a central role in addressing our state’s key economic challenges and driving growth and our members are seeking to gain an understanding from our various political representatives about how they intend to meet these challenges.

At a time of unprecedented, planned infrastructure investment, it is vital that NSW has the right settings within public and private organisations to rebuild our engineering capability and unlock the social and economic value added by engineers to our lives and our lifestyles. Ask your local MP to support our campaign.

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Dear [MP name],

As a professional engineer residing in your electorate, I write to seek your support for Professionals Australia’s Engineering a Better NSW Campaign.  

Engineers do work that is critical to the safety, quality of life and economy of NSW. Without qualified and experienced engineers on the job, our state would literally grind to a halt and crumble. 
However, despite the importance of engineers to NSW, the engineering profession isn’t valued like it should be. Right now, in our state there are too many non-engineers working in jobs that should be performed by qualified engineers, there is a lack of investment in training and professional development of younger engineers, and engineering advice is often ignored by decision makers, particularly within the public sector. 
I support the Engineering a Better NSW campaign because I believe that NSW needs a strong professional engineering workforce playing a central role in addressing our state’s key economic, environment and infrastructure challenges. 

The campaign is calling for the introduction of FIVE key reforms:

1. A statutory, broad-based engineer registration scheme to ensure that only qualified professional engineers, do professional engineering work
2. The appointment of a Chief Engineer for NSW to advise on state infrastructure priorities
3. Ensuring that public sector engineers are paid market competitive rates of pay to attract them and keep them
4. A requirement for funding-based cadet and graduate programmes on all government infrastructure projects
5. Policies to actively encourage more young people to study engineering, including study assistance programmes
With more than $112 billion of infrastructure projects already in the pipeline in NSW it is vital that we take urgent action to rebuild the engineering capacity of this state and I would like your support in achieving the change that we need.  

I would like to request a meeting with you and other engineers in your electorate to discuss how you can support our profession and assist our campaign to engineer a better and safer NSW. 

I look forward to hearing from you.
Yours sincerely,
[Engineer’s name]
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