Rafaah Georges

Project Engineer, Inner West Council
LGEA Delegate

Why did you choose a career in engineering?
My mind is generally geared towards analysing things/ situations and I love problem solving.

I also won a Commonwealth Scholarship which covered part of my degree - that was the final push I needed to pursue a career in engineering.

Tell us a bit about your career to date
Whilst undertaking my degree (Bachelor of Civil Engineering and Dip in Engineering Practice) at UTS, - I was required me to undertake 12 months of industry experience as part of my course in order to graduate.

My first internship was in local government – this experience really peaked my interest and I ended up switching my degree to part-time and opting to work for three different Councils as a Student/ Assets Engineer before taking a short break from engineering to travel.

Once I graduated from university, I jumped right back into local government engineering and currently work as a Stormwater Project Engineer at Inner West Council.

What does being an engineer mean to you?
Being an Engineer means a lot - when I first started university, fewer than one quarter of my classes had other females, but that’s definitely changing and the number of female engineers is steadily growing which is great to see during my career.

Working in local government engineering in particular provides a unique platform and opportunity to both directly and indirectly help people in my community. My role in local government also provides exposure to other aspects of engineering and I never feel like I am in a pigeonholed in my job!

My role as an engineer also allows me to analyse and problem solve situations which is very fulfilling.

How did you become involved in PA/ the LGEA?
I was first introduced to Professionals Australia at university – a representative came and spoke to my class about the benefits of joining which I did and have been a member ever since!

Once I landed my first graduate role I joined the LGEA as a graduate member. At the time, our Council was in need of an LGEA delegate so I put my hand up for the role initially as an alternate, however now I am the delegate. The role was a great choice for me as it brought me out of my shell as I am generally a shy person.

Being a delegate also allowed me to use my platform to try and actively work towards an support the betterment of the engineering industry whilst also providing support and advocacy for those who need it.