Remuneration Report 2020

Welcome to the LGEA’s Remuneration Survey Report for 2020.

As advocates for technical professionals working in local government across NSW, the LGEA has been periodically conducting industry surveys since 2008 so that we can better serve our members.

The survey provides critical, contemporary insight into prevailing market rates of pay and key work conditions, giving us the tools we need to help our members negotiate the terms and conditions of their individual employment contracts or explore new employment opportunities.

During January and February this year, we surveyed local government professionals — both members and non-members of the LGEA — to establish the facts on issues such as our demographics, qualifications, accreditation status, earnings, allowances and overtime arrangements. Thank you to all who participated in this year’s survey. I would like to acknowledge the generous support of Local Government Super in the publication of the report and I hope you find the information provided to be useful as you continue to progress your career.

Download report here