About us

LGEA is a division of Professionals Australia which is a nationally registered industrial organisation of more than 25,000 professionals working in a range of industries throughout Australia.

The Local Government Engineers’ Association (LGEA) is largest and oldest collective voice of local government engineers and technical professionals throughout NSW.

We can help you at every stage of your career with expert advice on your pay, conditions and your rights at work. We advocate strongly for our members to help create a better future for local government engineers through industrial award negotiations or enterprise agreements.

Whether you are seeking information on classification levels, or on salaries or contracts of employment, representation over dismissal or redundancy, or help with any other employment issue, we can help.

LGEA Values

  • Professionalism: We believe in the value of professionals and professionalism
  • Strength: We passionately stand for what we believe in. Together, we cannot be ignored
  • Integrity: We are an honest, member-owned and driven organisation
  • Community: We are dedicated to providing our communities with safe and reliable infrastructure and services 

*The LGEA is a division of Professionals Australia, the registered business name of the Association of Professionals Engineers, Scientists and Managers, Australia (APESMA), a registered organisation under the Fair Work Registered Organisations Act.