About the team

Gordon Brock

As Director, Gordon supports the LGEA Committee in the overall running of the Association and leads the LGEA staff team.  He works closely with other industry parties and is responsible for the development and advocacy of LGEA submissions to Government on industry matters.

Justine McCarthy
Lead Organiser

Justine has worked extensively with unions in Australia and internationally.  Her role focuses on building industry-wide collective campaigns and establishing strong delegate networks across the industry. 

Alycia Vasilangos
Principal Industrial Officer

Alycia is responsible for the negotiation and implementation of the Local Government State Award.  Alycia also assists member with collective industrial issues in their workplaces across the state

Vicky Palmer
Executive Assistant 

Vicky’s role within in the LGEA is to maintain and oversee our membership, the LGEA’s  finances, provide assistance to the Director and support the Committee of Management.

Brindha Thiru

Brindha’s role takes her out on the road to meet with members, potential members and delegates. She provides support and development to delegates and members with workplace and union matters.

Natalie Falvey
Legal/ Industrial Officer

As an Legal/Industrial Officer, Natalie’s role is to support members with collective industrial issues in their workplaces across the state.  Natalie will also be responsible for providing assistance to members who need help and advice with individual matters.