Want to Unplug After Work? Take Our Right to Disconnect Survey

In July last year we asked members what your top priorities were for the 2023 State Award. Whilst pay understandably took the lead, it was eye-opening to see that work-life balance emerged as the second most crucial priority for members.

Your voices were heard loud and clear, and we took your feedback to negotiations for the State Award. The LGEA successfully argued for a new clause within the new Award that confirms employees are not required to read or respond to work emails or calls outside of work hours - unless you are being paid to do so.

We also know from the survey that LGEA members are, on average, working an extra 4 hours beyond their prescribed weekly hours, with a shocking 83% of these members not receiving any additional compensation.

That's why we are campaigning to ensure our members have the freedom to relax, recharge, and recover during your personal time - whether it's after work, during your leave, or when you're unwell. We are campaigning to achieve improved work-life balance for members and for councils to implement a Right to Disconnect Policy that will be shaped by LGEA members.

To help us develop this policy we need members to tell us how your council respects your right to disconnect.

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