Engineer Registration Bill moved in Parliament

Today Yasmin Catley MP, Member for Swansea introduced the Professional Engineers Registration Bill 2019 in NSW Parliament.

The Bill, which is supported by Professionals Australia, calls for a comprehensive registration scheme for engineers across NSW, in line with the registration schemes already in place in both Queensland and Victoria.

Ms Catley explained: “The bill will provide for the registration of professional engineers and set up the parameters for a registration scheme and professional engineering board. The bill just makes sense. It aligns with people's expectations; it aligns us with other states, and it helps the industry and the Government to establish checks and balances for all engineering work to ensure that disastrous events like those at Opal Tower and Mascot Towers never occur again.”

The bill has been introduced in response to the Government’s Design and Building Practitioners Bill 2019, which does require mandatory registration for engineers but only those who work on the construction of residential buildings - it does not include engineers who work on commercial buildings, bridges, tunnels, transport infrastructure or schools and hospitals.

Ms Catley closed her speech by acknowledging Professionals Australia’s campaign for mandatory registration in NSW.

She said: “I extend my thanks to those organisations who consulted on this bill—in particular, Gordon Brock and his staff from Professionals Australia”