Longer hours, less money?

LGNSW has shared its Log of Claims for the Local Government (State) Award 2020 with industry unions, and the LGEA is disappointed with its contents.

Rather than putting forward claims that might assist the industry in attracting and retaining skilled professionals, councils have instead taken their well-worn path of proposing significant cuts to employment conditions.

The Log of Claims includes proposals such as deletion of the CLA, the introduction of a 38-hour week and a seven-day spread of hours for no additional remuneration. Councils also want to make it harder to access Union Picnic Day, limit consultation around workplace change, and cut payments for overtime and on-call. The LGEA is here to defend your employment conditions against attacks like this, however we are only as strong as the members we represent.

So, how can you help us defend your employment conditions?

1) Complete the LGEA Award Survey, and share it with your colleagues

Our Award Survey, which provides us with the data and information we use to inform our own log of claims for Award 2020, is due to close this Friday, 16 August.

The data we collect in this survey is extremely valuable during Award negotiations, and the more responses we receive, the better our data becomes.

However, we can’t represent the interests of people we haven't heard from, so please share this link and encourage your colleagues (both members and non-members) to participate in our survey.

The stronger our voice, the more people we represent, the more successful we can be at the negotiation table! We only get one chance every three years to negotiate this Award, so please help us start negotiations from the best position possible – informed and with data from local government professionals across NSW to validate our claims.

Click here to complete the survey.

2) Encourage a colleague to join the LGEA 100 Club

The LGEA has recently launched a special membership offer - The LGEA 100 Club - available to the first 100 people who join the Association, in celebration of our centenary.

Now is the perfect time to get on-board, and have your voice represented in the upcoming Award negotiations.

The 100 Club offer allows a non-member to join the LGEA at a 50% discount on our normal membership rates for the first 12 months. Members of The 100 Club will also receive a $50 coupon to spend in their e-wallet with the Member Advantage discount program, as well as access to all other LGEA and Professionals Australia member benefits.

The $100 member recruitment bounty will also apply to 100 Club members which means that members who sign up a colleague can also share in this offer.

The offer is only open to the first 100 to join so people need to get in quick! We have already received a number of applications since we launched this offer, so don't delay.

Click here to ioin now.