LGEA 2020 Award Survey

The LGEA’s member survey for the next Local Government State Award is now open.

Over the past few weeks, LGEA members would have received their last pay increase payable under the current Local Government (State) Award 2017, which is due to expire on 30 June 2020. As such, it is now time for us to commence preparations for negotiations of the next Local Government Award.

The survey plays a key role in helping us gain a clear picture of how well the current employment conditions within the industry are serving engineers and other professionals working in local government. We're asking respondents to share their experiences under the current Award from what sections of the Award have worked to what bargaining priorities we set for the next Award to what clauses of the Award are misunderstood, or not applied properly.

We have conducted this survey on a number of occasions now and over the years it has helped us to secure some important changes to the Award including the introduction of the Civil Liability Allowance, the inclusion of vehicle leaseback safeguards, as well as improvements to the workplace change notification requirements and various leave provisions.

However, as always, for the survey to be a useful tool, we need a strong response rate from both our members and other local government professionals in NSW.

Haven't yet take the survey? Click here to have your say on the next Local Government State Award.