Engineer registration reform passed in Victoria

Late on Tuesday 27 August 2019, the Victorian Parliament passed the Engineer Registration Bill, making Victoria the second Australian state to adopt a mandatory registration scheme for engineers.

The new laws, which will be transitioned into effect over the course of three years, recognise the important role engineers play in our community will deliver a long-term economic benefit to the state.  

The passing of this Bill brings engineering in Victoria into line with other professions like doctors, nurses, architects, electricians and plumbers, where practitioners must be registered. It also means that unqualified people can no longer practice engineering in the state, unless they are directly supervised by a registered engineer.  

Chris Walton, CEO of Professionals Australia and the Association of Professional Engineers Australia said the reform was only possible because of the determination of PA members to see their profession protected.  

“The independence, competence and integrity of our engineer workforce is vital to ensuring our homes, places of work, the water we drink, the energy we use and the roads and bridges we drive on are safe and remain fit-for-purpose.  

“Everyone who worked towards the passage of this Bill should be proud of that achievement.”  

This landmark reform, while a great step forward for Australian engineering, leaves New South Wales as the last remaining major Australian state on the eastern seaboard without an engineering registration scheme in place.   The NSW Government has committed to developing an engineer registration scheme in response to the national building crisis, however the proposed scheme doesn’t go far enough and would only apply to the building industry.

We will be continuing our efforts to ensure that an engineer registration scheme, consistent with those in Queensland and Victorian, is introduced in NSW, so that the profession, industry and community in this state enjoy the same protections as those other states.