Delegate of the Year 2019

This year the LGEA introduced the Delegate of the Year Award to recognise the hard work and commitment of the association’s top performing delegate for 2019, voted for by LGEA members.

The LGEA is pleased to announce that Stuart Small, delegate at MidCoast Council has been named the 2019 Delegate of the Year. Stuart was presented with the award and a prize of $3,000 to spend of professional development activities of his choice at this year’s Annual General Meeting in front of a large crowd of his fellow delegates.

Stuart explained: “Like being a local government engineer, I perform the role of delegate for my own personal satisfaction. To then have my peers recognise my efforts and go through the process of submitting an application, it is very overwhelming.”

All delegates nominated for the award were assessed on the following by a panel of judges:

• How they have displayed LGEA values in supporting members
• If they have maintained strong membership at their Council
• How they have effectively represented the association at their Council

Members at MidCoast Council commended Stuart for his support of staff and members as the union delegate and Consultative Committee Chair through one of the most complex and largest Council mergers in New South Wales. He was also noted to always be available to assist with any issues and guide his members.

One member from his council said: “He has been instrumental in bringing us all together and promoting fairness and equality in our workplace.”

Stuart described the most rewarding part of being an LGEA delegate as “helping to create and support a work environment and workplace culture that me and everyone else enjoys coming back to, day in and day out.”

When asked what he would say to any member looking to become an LGEA delegate, Stuart explained: “The role is very personally rewarding but can be very challenging and difficult. LGEA only asks for you to do what you can, nothing more. Don’t be afraid to call out for help, the LGEA team is always there to help you when needed. The skills you will learn from the role will be invaluable for your career. Jump in and help support a positive working environment for you and your peers.”