Bargaining Begins

Negotiations commenced yesterday for the next Local Government State Award. Each of the parties tabled their log of claims for the Award.

Unfortunately, the claims being pursued by LGNSW on behalf of councils is most disappointing. Rather than putting forward positive, progressive claims that would assist the industry in attracting and retaining skilled professionals, councils have instead taken their well-worn path of proposing significant cuts to employment conditions.

It includes proposals such as:

  • deletion of the CLA
  • the introduction of a 38-hour week for all employees 
  • reducing the scope of the consultative committee 
  • cutting entitlements on termination
  • reducing on-call benefits
Regrettably, not one single claim will do anything to help the industry to tackle its most pressing issue - the chronic skill shortage that is gripping local government.

The LGEA will always work hard to defend your employment conditions against attacks like this. Together with the other local government unions, we will pursue positive change through the upcoming bargaining process. However, we are only as strong as the members we represent, and we need your help in encouraging your colleagues to join the LGEA to ensure we achieve the best State Award possible.