What is RPEng?

Registered Professional Engineer of Professionals Australia (RPEng) is the professional engineer accreditation program established by the Association of Professional Engineers Australia (APEA).

RPEng was established to give degree-qualified engineers a more affordable and practical alternative to other accreditation programs out there. Holding RPEng is a public demonstration that an engineer is qualified, competent and practicing ethically.

Without registration, there is no assurance that someone providing engineering services is actually a qualified engineer.

As more Australian states introduce mandatory registration legislation, it is becoming more important for professional engineers across Australia to start thinking about their registration applications.

We’re here to help

With RPEng, we’re on hand to guide members through the process. Firstly, we ensure that members meet the eligibility requirements for registration.

Applicants must:

Have an engineering degree under the Washington Accord
Have an up-to-date CV
Have three professional referees who can verify their experience
Have completed 150 hours of CPD over the past three years

Once an applicant is confident they have all of the above, they can start their RPEng application online here.

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