Employer of Choice Award 2019

Nominations are invited from all NSW councils and local government authorities for the fifth annual LGEA’s Employer of Choice Award for 2019.

Our inaugural winner Holroyd City Council was joined by Ryde City Council in 2016, Riverina Water won it in 2017 and Wollongong City Council was our winner last year.

The purpose of the Award is to highlight good employment practices within NSW local government, particularly those that help build engineering capacity within the industry by attracting and retaining engineers and other technical professionals within councils. It is also designed to identify and reward organisations that have developed good relationships with the LGEA at the workplace level by valuing and respecting our members and providing support to our local workplace representatives.

The winner will be widely promoted by the LGEA and will be able to use the LGEA’s Employer of Choice Award Winner badge on all external correspondence including job advertisements


Nominations will be assessed against five key criteria:

1. The terms and conditions of employment provided to LGEA members (including whether steps are taken to ensure that rates of pay are market competitive, good performance is recognised and rewarded, the CLA is paid to all eligible employees, flexible hours of work are available and additional hours worked are recognised and rewarded)

2. The career structure for engineers and technical professionals (including a sufficient depth of engineer and technical professional positions, a commitment to developing the next generation of professionals including cadets & graduates and whether there is an engineer-based role included within the organisation’s leadership team)

3. The professional development of engineers and technical professionals (including access to training and development, study support and support for professional registration including engineer registration)

4. Consultation and engagement with employees and their unions (including maintenance of an active consultative committee, genuine engagement with local LGEA representatives and respect for the role they play in the implementation of workplace change)

5. A diverse and safe workplace (including effective policies on EEO, anti-discrimination, WHS and safeguards against workplace bullying)


All nominees will be assessed by a Selection Panel comprising:

• Renae Leayr, LGEA Secretary & Design and Project Engineer, Cessnock City Council
• William Eberhart, LGEA Committee Member, Asset Systems & Contracts Coordinator Civil Infrastructure Parramatta City Council
• Alycia Vasilangos, Principle Industrial Officer LGEA
• Gordon Brock, Director LGEA & Professionals Australia

Nominees will be interviewed by a member of the Panel and each nomination will be discussed with the LGEA’s local workplace representative from that organisation.

Nominations close 5pm Monday 4 November.
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