Key Figures

Pauline Curby 

Professional historian and the author of the LGEA's history book, Local Government Engineers' Association: A Centenary History, discusses what she learnt about the association during the two year project.

Don Sheffield

The former LGEA President reflects on his time with the association and how he first became involved with the LGEA in the 1960s.

Esme Martens

In 1962, Esme completed a civil engineering degree and went on to become the first female local government engineer at the age of 27. She was the only female engineer to attend the LGEA conferences for many years and was often mistaken for one of the male engineers' 'accompanying persons'.

Esme told the LGEA that: "Some of the roads and buildings that I built whilst at Woodburn Shire Council are still going and that gives me a great deal of satisfaction."

Esme has over forty years experience in local government and continues to serve as a Councillor at Mid-Western Regional Council - a position that she's held since 2006.