Our vision

We work on behalf of our members to win the professional recognition, respect and rewards that they deserve.

Who we are

LGEA is the local government division of Professionals Australia, the only union and professional association to represent Engineers, Scientists, IT professionals and all other STEM professionals in Australia.

We work together with our members to win the professional recognition, respect and reward that they deserve.

Who we are

What we offer

Since 1919, LGEA has helped shape local government, and supported and advocated for employment and industrial rights and safeguards for local government engineers and technical professionals.

As a collective, we engage with government, industry parties and councils to make sure our voices are heard when planning and investment decisions are being made, reform is underway and salaries and conditions are negotiated. Together, we help ensure our members’ workplaces are safe and supportive environments, and, in times of difficulty, that they have the right protections in place.

As a division of Professionals Australia, LGEA provides our members with professional development and mentoring opportunities and helps promote respect and recognition for the profession at a national level.

LGEA staff and local representatives are committed to being there when our members need us throughout their working lives, whether it’s an industrial issue or for more general support and advice. Members never need feel they are working, or living, in isolation.LGEA: Working together towards a safer, sounder NSW.

LGEA has a proud history of wins for local government engineers and technical professionals, including the civil liability allowance, job security, salary increases, workplace flexibility and motor vehicle protections.Together, we are a powerful force for the promotion of respect, recognition and reward for our members. And together, we can convince government of the importance of bringing our voices to the table to help deliver better, safer, more sustainable infrastructure for the people of NSW, on time and to budget.

There is strength in numbers - join LGEA today to get the recognition you deserve and be a force for positive change in building a brighter future for NSW.

LGEA is committed to:

  • providing the highest standard of workplace advice and support to our members;
  • advocating on behalf of engineers so that they are heard by government and industry;
  • delivering access to high quality continued professional development;
  • uniting the collective voice of engineers to negotiate improved salaries and conditions.

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