Award 2020

The final pay increase of 2.5% payable under the current Local Government (State) Award 2017 will be paid on 1 July this year. Negotiations for the new Award will commence September 2019, ahead of the current Award expiring on 30 June 2020.

Proposed Steps and Timeline:
1. Develop a log of claims for the new Award based on member feedback and staff experience.
2. Conduct online survey of members on current Award: 22 July – 16 August
3. Analyse survey data, and use to develop a draft Log of Claims.
4. Present draft Log of Claims to LGEA Committee of Management to seek endorsement (August)
5. Commence negotiations with industry parties: September, following exchange of Log of Claims

Remember, the LGEA is your voice in Award negotiations

We can’t represent your interests unless we know what they are, so please participate in our survey when it is launched, provide feedback on newsletters, and encourage your colleagues to participate too.

The stronger our voice, the more people we represent, the more successful we can be at the negotiation table!