Award 2020

Can your Council afford to lose almost 40% of its professional workforce in the next 5 years?

This is the reality facing NSW local government. When asked about their future career intentions, 38% of LGEA Award Survey respondents indicated they were likely to leave the industry within the next 5 years.

As concerning as statistics like this are, this is not ‘breaking news’. It is widely known and understood that NSW local government struggles to attract and retain key professionals - particularly younger professionals. The industry must take action that addresses the shortage of key professional occupations within the industry – this problem is not going to fix itself.

This was a key consideration of the LGEA when we sat down to review the results of our Award survey and formulate our Log of Claims. We believe that our Log of Claims contains real solutions to the problems facing the industry. We have put together a list of claims based on member feedback that we believe will help keep more professionals in the industry, and help attract new professionals.

The renegotiation of the State Award was the subject of a compulsory conference before Commissioner Murphy on Wednesday 28 August in the NSW Industrial Relations Commission. The industry parties have scheduled several dates before the Commission for compulsory conferences, where Commissioner Murphy will assist the parties in addressing matters we may be struggling to reach agreement on. Following the proceedings before Commissioner Murphy, the industry parties met and agreed to a schedule of dates for negotiations, the first of which is Monday 23 September.

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