Engineers play a vital role in our society and are key drivers of our economic prosperity.

As an engineer, you design, build and maintain infrastructure routinely used by the community including roads, railways, ports, water, electricity and gas, and perform key roles in feasibility scoping, structural design, maintenance and the monitoring and control of safety and other risks.

Requiring all local government authorities to employ a qualified engineer in a senior decision making role is critical to ensuring that infrastructure projects are appropriately scoped, waste is minimised and assets are maintained in a safe condition.

John Sidoti, Member for Drummoyne recently put forward a motion to the NSW Parliament calling for the formal recognition of engineers in local government, the need for a cadetship program and a registration scheme.

It is now up to all of us to support this motion so that it moves from something that needs to be considered to something that needs to happen.


By filling in this form, you can let the Government know you value safety and support action to better recognise the crucial role played by engineers in our community.

Add your details and tell John Sidoti, Member for Drummoyne you support his motion.