We advocate strongly on behalf of our members to help create a better future for them in their workplace, their profession and the industry.


If there’s a problem at work, LGEA is there. Members rely on us for support, advice and representation whenever job security or conditions are threatened by restructuring, redundancy, job re-evaluation or performance allegations.

LGEA is your voice in negotiations with government and key industry parties on the issues that matter most to you as a local government professional.

LGEA fights for your legal rights, your work conditions and to increase your rate of pay. Our team of skilled negotiators work hard to protect and enhance your entitlements under the Local Government Award, especially those that apply to professionals such as the CLA, hours of work and motor vehicle protections.

The LGEA conducts an industry specific Salary Survey every two years which provides the most detailed analysis of rates of pay for professionals in NSW Local Government. Only members receive this information for free. The information in the survey helps you to evaluate job offers, or to discuss your next pay increase with your current employer.

Professionals face an increasing risk of legal action. In response, LGEA has established a Legal Defence Fund for members facing criminal prosecution under environmental and OHS laws.

In 2012, the NSW government made changes to the Workers Compensation legislation which removed coverage for injuries incurred by employees on their trips to and from work. The LGEA’s free Journey Insurance coverage for members fills the gap and provides extensive benefits should you be unfortunate enough to be injured on the way to or from work.

Journey Insurance

Our journey cover has two tiers:

  • Tier 1 for members paying our highest membership fee; and
  • Tier 2 for members paying less than the highest membership fee.

Both our Tier 1 and Tier 2 benefits are the best in the industry.

Mortality benefit

LGEA now provides a mortality benefit of $4,000 to the immediate next-of-kin of a deceased member. This benefit is to assist the member’s loved ones meet funeral expenses which are often unexpected and unplanned.

In partnership with Carroll & O’Dea lawyers, the LGEA now provides members with the opportunity to get their personal estates in order through our high quality LGEA Wills Service. Under this new benefit members can draw up a Will that suits their needs or take advantage of our Will, enduring power of attorney and guardianship package at heavily subsidised rates.

LGEA Careers Services provides members with access to Career Transition Assistance including resume reviews, interview training and personal brand coaching. Members are also able to access one-on-one consultations and advice on a range of topics to help advance their careers and build their professional reputations.

LGEA supports the introduction of a registration scheme for local government engineers as we believe that it is part of the solution to getting engineering professionals the recognition and reward they deserve. We are delighted to announce that LGEA members are now able to obtain registration under the Professionals Australia Registered Professional Engineers programme (RPEng) at minimal cost. RPEng is a fully accredited programme. Find out more at professionalsaustralia.org.au/RPEng

When you join LGEA, you also join Professionals Australia, with all the benefits of belonging to an Association of more than 25,000 professional members across Australia.