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LGEAlogoVrtcmykThe Local Government Engineers Association (LGEA) is a registered industrial organisation representing Professional engineers, engineering staff and related technical professionals working in local government in NSW.

LGEA is also a division of Professionals Australia which is a nationally registered industrial organisation of more than 25,000 professionals working in a range of industries throughout Australia. Since 1919 we have been committed to being there when our members need us, whether it’s for an employment issue or for more general career support and advice.


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NSW Government Amalgamations 2016 – Proclamations

Premier Mike Baird has announced the formation of new councils across Sydney and NSW.

As a part of this process, there have been several proclamations that have been released to the public that detail the specifics as to the makeup of these new councils.

Read the full article here.

Support the motion

On 2 August 2017 our ‘Invest in Infrastructure, Invest in Communities’ campaign took a major step forward with the NSW Legislative Assembly receiving a Notice of Motion calling for the formal recognition of engineers.  The notice of motion was put forward by John Sidoti, Member for Drummoyne and moves that the house:

  • Recognises the importance of qualified engineers and calls on the Government to introduce a requirement for all local government authorities to have a suitable qualified engineer
  • Calls on the Government to recognise engineers as a profession, through a State and National Registration scheme
  • Supports cadetships for civil engineering across all Government Projects, in order to ensure the long-term workforce capabilities

This brings together years of hard work, lobbying and campaigning by the LGEA.  It incorporates our 3 key claims for industry reform:

  • The requirement for each Council to have a Chief engineer
  • The introduction of a registration scheme
  • Support for cadetships throughout the industry

Whilst this is a positive development, we still have a lot of work to do to ensure that the motion is debated and given the attention it deserves in Parliament.

It is up to all of us to ensure that this motion moves from something that needs to be considered to something that needs to happen.

There will be a number of activities that the LGEA will be conducting over the coming months to build the necessary support for the motion.  As a first step, it is important that we thank John Sidoti for taking this action and let him know that LGEA members and their colleagues support the motion.  The best way to do that is to click on the link below, sign the note of support that will go directly to John.  You can then forward the link on to your colleagues and ask them to do the same.

Click this link to support the motion.